Amazing Caves in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Cosmic Cavern

Cosmic Cavern is between Eureka Springs, Arkansas and Branson, Missouri. Cosmic Cavern is Arkansas’s largest independently-operated tourist cave. Cosmic Cavern was found in 1845, yet wasn’t developed till 1927. Cosmic Cavern ‘s cave tour is roughly a 1hr and 15-minute walking tour and is one of the most popular caves in the Ozarks, at a stable 64 degrees as well as 96% moisture. The cavern is a cozy 64 levels in the winter and also an awesome 64 degrees in the summertime. It is the perfect temperature year round. The cavern features a 9-foot soft drink straw, the record length among the caves in the Ozarks, and also 2 bottomless cave lakes. The first lake, South Lake, has had trout in it for almost 50 years. A few of the trout have actually gone blind as well as the majority of have lost their shade. Among the lakes was uncovered in 1993 in the “Silent Splendor” section which made the national news. This was Arkansas’ most delicate exploration.   The floor of these lakes has yet to be discovered.  The freshly found area, “Silent Splendor” is hailed as a have to see destination in Arkansas. It is so immaculate and undisturbed that much of the cave surfaces are transparent.
Cosmic Cavern   6386 Hwy 21 North  Berryville, Arkansas 72616  870-749-2298

War Eagle Cavern

The stunning all-natural entry of War Eagle Cavern beings in a boxed canyon at the end of Devils’s Gap. Navigate the very easy, wide open path (just a few brief inclines in the whole trip!) along the sides of the stream that streams throughout the cave, our knowledgeable will show you the way. This spectacular journey wanders throughout vast spacious rooms while the staff will explain the extraordinary “domes” as well as various other developments found in the very first half-mile of this substantial cave. The cave remains at a consistent 58-degree temperature all year-round. There are many infant strollers, pet-friendly sidewalks. You will also enjoy the friendly staff members that will share the rich history of this natural cave dwelling for many characters throughout history, making this a very fun part of your trip. Scenic tours leave the trading post every 20 mins throughout the year.

21494 Cavern Drive  Rogers, Arkansas 72756     479-789-2909

Onxy Cave

Onyx Cave is located six miles East of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This is a self-guided tour where you are given headphones that will tell you the history of the cave as you explore the mysterious  ancient  dwelling.   Some visitors think that this is one of the most beautiful tourist caves they have seen.  338 Onyx Cave Lane, Eureka Springs, Arkansas –