Experience a weekend in Eureka Springs that will feel like you are in the movie THE SHINNING.

In the Dead of winter – the first 2 weeks in January – come to a setting that will make you feel like you are in the movie THE SHINNING.   The Crescent hotel (America’s Most Haunted Hotel) will be hosting the annual Paranormal weekend and serving up lots of thrills and CHILLS making the 2018 conference the best one yet.




Larry Flaxman is the best selling author of seven paranormal science books and continues to write groundbreaking books on cutting-edge research.  He will be heading the Ghost Hunts of the first weekend.

Darkness Dave, frequent Guest host of Coast to Coast AM will be delivering a Paranormal Keynote presentation on the second weekend on Friday night.

“Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay of Intrigue theater with Dave Schrader at the Oddfellows Asylum in Liberty Mo. 2 years ago. All three will be at the ESP conference presenting on paranormal topics.”

For the first time since 2013 Intrigue theater – will be presenting this year as well.

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Saturday, January 6th 8 p.m.  & Saturday, January 13th 8 p.m.


Sean-Paul and Juliane will appear on Friday night and present a few segments from their past shows including, MIND OVER MATTER, A PAST LIFE REGRESSION EXPERIMENT, and REMOTE VIEWING as practiced by the CIA during the cold war.


Then on Saturday night ESP conference attendees will have a chance to GO TO INTRIGUE THEATER (attendees will get discount prices) and see what they do in their paranormal show in their theater.   This year just for the ESP Sean-Paul and Juliane will handpick some of their most supernatural paranormal experiments to challenge the perception of ESP Guests.
These segments will include…

  • Rehkmier High Priest of Amun (a mummy found near the Temple of the Nobles in Luxor)
  • The New world order of the Illuminati
  • The Asylum Dolls of the Willard Institution
  • Ghost Talking
  • Civil War Surgery on an Amputation table
  • And much more

Again this is will be a special presentation not normally done all in one show and just because the ESP conference is in town.

For more information about the ESP Conference please call 877 342 9766


Click the date to get tickets to the Intrigue Theater Paranormal Experiments.
Saturday, January 6th 8 p.m.  & Saturday, January 13th 8 p.m.


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